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0,20 l Cold vegetable soup Gazpacho, herbal baguette 45 CZK
0,20 l Soup of the day 45 CZK

Main dishes

200 g Beefsteak, grilled chanterelle mushrooms on butter, sliced potatoes 390 CZK
200 g Beefsteak with onion rings and capoicum, garlic salad cream, fried potatoes 390 CZK
200 g Grilled fillets with fried paprika gravy, herbal fettuccine 295 CZK
200 g Pieces of veal joint with zucchini au gratiu with gorgonzola cheese 245 CZK
200 g Port tenderloin pieces, fresh spinach with garlic and bacon, potatoe croquettes 245 CZK
200 g Fried chicken breasts with tomato noodles, grana padano cheese 195 CZK
200 g Grilled duck‘s breast, fried beetroot with cranberries, butter gnocchi 255 CZK
150 g Fried salmon in almound crust, grilled zucchini, mashed potatoes 265 CZK
250 g Fettuccine with grilled vegetable, grana padano cheese 155 CZK
250 g Italian rizoto with chanterelle mushrooms and tumeric, grana padano cheese 185 CZK

Side dishes

150 g Mashed potatoes 39 CZK
150 g Couscous with vegetables 39 CZK
150 g Fried potatoes with onion and bacon 39 CZK
1 ks Herb baguette 39 CZK
150 g Grilled vegetables 49 CZK
0,1 l Sauces: Creamy sauce / mustard sauce / mushroom sauce 35 CZK


250 g Mixed vegetable salad with grilled salmon, herb baguette 195 CZK
250 g Vegetable salad with spicy chicken pieces tandoori, baguette 160 CZK
250 g Green leaves with roasted onion and garlic, grilled doll, picked egg, baguette 175 CZK
250 g Vegetable salad with Balkan cheese and olives 160 CZK
250 g Caesar salad with chicken fillets, bacon and grana padano cheese 160 CZK


1 ks Sachr 75 CZK
1 ks Pancake 75 CZK
1 kop. Ice-cream 25 CZK
1 ks Desserts of the day price in the showcase

Delicacies Going with Beer and Wine

100 g Beef tatar from beef roast with garlic and toasts 195 CZK
80 g Salmon tatar with parsley and grana padano cheese 185 CZK
80 g Grilled prawns with zucchini and garlic, herbal baguette 195 CZK
100 g Ripe and moldy cheeses with olives and nuts, baguette 159 CZK
100 g Duck´s pate with almonds, fried bread 89 CZK
100 g Fried onion rings with spicy dip 98 CZK
100 g Spicy sausage salad with onion and capsicum 89 CZK
200 g Fried small pork steaks with with garlic dip 198 CZK
200 g Chicken pieces with spicy dip 198 CZK
3 ks Home-made potato pancakes with sauerkraut 89 CZK