Degustation menu

Do you want to surprise your close ones, acquaintances or business partners?
Take advantage of our offer of tasting menus that we have prepared for you.

Unusual culinary experience in the form of tasting menus focused on selected European cuisine.
You can choose from these 6 basic tasting menus:
Bio, Italia, Mediterian, Riviera, Selská or Old Bohemian, or create your own.

Invite your friends, family or business partners to a great tasting lunch, dinner, or anniversary celebration.
Choose from our offer or create your own. We will also choose the right wines to choose from and you can also order a sommelier’s presentation or a chef.


Dried marinated pork side with toast 74 Kč
Rabbit pate with homemade apricot jam 75 Kč
Roasted duck liver with garlic and sage served with potato pancakes 78 Kč
Slowly roasted veal cheek with champignon ragos served on carrot puree 92 Kč
Smoked pork tenderloin with fine lemon-horseradish sauce, ckrackling gnocchi 89 Kč
Cheese dumplings stuffed with chocolate, honey sauce with strawberries and mint, cream 72 Kč


Italian antipasti 58 Kč
Steak tartare from tun, chopped olives, herb toast 130 Kč
Bruschetta with tomato ragout and parmesan cheese 85 Kč
Cold salad with squid and prawns, baguette 99 Kč
Veal saltimbocca with fine potato purée 98 Kč
Ragos from veal and pork leg, farfalle 86 Kč
Risotto with mushrooms (bolete) and parmesan cheese 90 Kč
Vanilla panna cotta with campari jelly and pomegranate 78 Kč


Duck pate with homemade cranberry marmalade 78 Kč
Grilled schripms with mango-shallot chutney 90 Kč
Grilled pike with green asparágus and Dutch sauce 98 Kč
Gratinated chicory with gorgonzola cheese 90 Kč
Italian risotto with zucchini, saffron served with fillet from beef navel 99 Kč
Fillets from duck breasts stuffed with dried fruit, potato croquettes 98 Kč
Fried lamb chops with turnip purée 130 Kč
Strawberry mascarpone with slices of chocolate and caramel 72 Kč


Tapenade from olives, tomatoes and capers served with crunchy baguettes 75 Kč
Poultry terrine with cranberries 68 Kč
Foie gras 120 Kč
Provencal caré with roasted tomatoes, fine roasted potato foam 85 Kč
Lamb chops grilled with Provencal herbs, lettuce salad, lemon risotto 130 Kč
Stewed mussels on garlic and wine 105 Kč
Spinach qiuche with cheese 80 Kč
Strawberry mille-feuille 85 Kč


Goat cheese with fried arugula served on toast 80 Kč
Duck roll with bacon and plums and cranberry dipper 76 Kč
Whipped pork pate served with 70 Kč
Pork cheeks slowly stewed with young cabbage, beetroot purée 85 Kč
Marinated lamb chops, garlic spinach, fried potato croquettes 130 Kč
Veal thymus served with oyster mushroom, calf demi-glace, toasted bread 100 Kč
Poached pear in caramel sauce with cinnamon and coriander, fine cream 72 Kč

Old Bohemian

Veal pate with nuts and cranberries 72 Kč
Grilled goat cheese in bacon 78 Kč
Ragos from snails with garlic and herbs 92 Kč
Confitted beef neck glazed with strong sauce withchanterelles 85 Kč
Pork brain with onion rings 84 Kč
Collection of mold cheeses with nuts and peaches 86 Kč
Old bohemian kaiserschmarrn with raspberry sauce 72 Kč